Fleas / Ticks

Fleas tend to live on the outside of animals’ bodies and lay eggs while they are sleeping. Your pet may have developed a flea problem while outside or in the yard and most of these ectoparasites will be found in your pet’s resting area. For homes that contain an active flea infestation, we can provide a residual treatment that must be complemented with pet grooming as well as cleaning of pet areas. 


We provide the right spider infection and monitoring services that will give you absolute security in your home or workplace. By identifying spider species that are specifically dangerous and removing spiders and webs from your property, Eviction Pest Control’s professional treatment plan will take care of your spider problem. 


As the most prevalent form of pest, ants are extremely difficult to get rid of. Eviction Pest Control offers a program that is skilled at exterminating ants as our specialists have thorough knowledge of and experience with ant behavior, which helps in identifying ant colonies and treating them directly.


Wasps are known for harvesting in crowded places and gatherings. Wasp stings are especially dangerous as they they can repeatedly sting individuals at risk. Our licensed wasp control specialists can identify nests and effectively get rid of wasps. We offer single time as well as annual treatment plans.

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